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We can help with Civil Works.
Looking for a professional & experienced Building and Civil Engineering Surveyor?
Icelabz Solutions can provide you with qualified engineers and all instruments to mark out your design elements for your team.
We can serve your project near you. You can contact us to get a quote by either filling in the form on this page, giving us a call on 0203 744 3020 or sending us an email at info@icelabz.co.uk.

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Setting Out

Setting-Out Services

Precise position of building element - If you are looking for a site engineer to set-out your architect's design accurately for your team, builders, or workforce to do their job we are here to help.

We can provide you setting for:

  • Pile Foundation
  • Traditional Foundation
  • Building elements (walls, windows, columns, doors, etc...)
  • Highway & Road works
  • Underground Utilities
  • Building Facades
  • Rails works (Platforms, rails, sleepers)

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What is a setting out engineer?

A setting out engineer is a qualified site engineer who can use robotic and reflectorless total stations to position construction elements.

Services Covered

At Icelabz Solutions Ltd, our service covers the setting out of:

  1. Foundations - pad, piling, sheet piles, etc…
  2. Walls
  3. Cladding
  4. Steelworks (holding down bolts, structural steels)
  5. Columns
  6. Floors
  7. Roof
  8. Underground Services
  9. Drainage
  10. Geotechnical survey locations
  11. Temporary Site benchmark
  12. Substructure
  13. Rail Track
  14. Station Platforms
  15. Groundworks/ Earthworks
  16. Bridges
  17. Road
  18. Paving
  19. Tunnels
  20. Pre-cast concrete
  21. Masonry
  22. Drainage
  23. Geotechnical survey locations
  24. Temporary Site benchmark
  25. Permit to dig

All of these features are set out using robotic and Reflectorless Total Stations. We use the well known Leica instruments for our surveys, which provides you with accurate information.

What is it used for?

Setting out is used for:

  1. Building Construction
  2. Civil engineering construction
  3. Help position building/construction elements
  4. Provide high accuracy on your construction works
  5. Avoid re-works due to wrong position
  6. Comply with Construction drawings and specification
  7. Improve your quality assurance for your project
  8. As-builts production for your quality manual deliverables
  9. Reduce insurance claims for defective works
  10. Managing and marking out utilities for permits to dig
  11. Setting up a traverse network

Your construction & operation team will use our service to help you deliver the works by your construction drawings.
The preferred guidance note that Icelabz Solutions Ltd uses is the Measured Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utilities (3rd Edition), which can be bought at RICS shop for £40.

The Process

At Icelabz Solutions Ltd, we pride ourselves in our systems to get you the best result in your survey. The following process is a guide on understanding how to engage a site engineer for your project.

Step 1:
The first step is to gather all the information about your project and your business so that we can allocate the right engineer for the right job. We also gather any time constraints for your construction project so that we know when we can send our engineers on site.

Step 2
We then internally review the specifications and requirements for the projects so that we know what we’ll need to provide on the day. Some of our clients provide us with equipment, and some don’t. Don’t worry we can get these in and wrap it up in our shift rate.
We provisionally book our engineers and equipment so that we can mobilise on site quickly.

Step 3
We send you the quotation and specification by email for your approval. If you have any queries, our project managers will get in touch with you to make sure you get what you need for your project.

Step 4
Once you have accepted our quotation, we make arrangement to send our engineering surveyors on the site.

Step 5
On-site our site engineers will get inducted by your team, briefed about the job at hand and they will start setting up their instrument to start. If you do not have any control points, we can set it up for you. Our engineers will start marking out the points, lines and anchor points for your construction team to work on. These coordinates as set out will be recorded for quality purposes and may be sent to you for your records.
Additionally we can also capture the works completed by your engineers on site so that you can provide as-built data for your hand over documents. If you do not have a CAD technician, we can overlay them on your drawings as a post-process each day, week, or, month or at the end of the works.

Step 6
Once the project on the site is completed for us, we will provide any deliverables requested for you to keep.


Typical costs can vary from £210/shift to £450/shift depending on your requirements and resource allocated for your project. You can get a quote from us by calling us on 0203 744 3020, emailing us, or filling the form on this page.


At Icelabz Solutions, we keep a record of all of our setting out coordinates for quality assurance purposes. The standard output you will get from the setting out service is marked features on hard or soft surfaces using spray paint, survey nails, pegs, or ground anchors.
However, you may request the as-set out coordinates, and as-built works marked out on AutoCAD on a daily, weekly, monthly or once at the end of the works for your quality records.

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About Icelabz

Icelabz started in 2009 when, after spending 15 years with various UK survey companies, Youv Ramburn decided to set up a company dedicated to Domestic and Private clients.

Today Icelabz Solutions is one of the most respected independent survey companies operating in the United Kingdom.

Icelabz Solutions offers a wide range of professional measurement services including topographical surveys, building surveys, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D modelling and also setting out.

Our range of services covers numerous market sectors including, commercial, education, health, heritage, highways, rail, residential, retail, urban regeneration, and many more. With offices located in Harrow and Barking, we can provide a competitive service to London.

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